How to wash your face

Squeeze a bit of face wash into your dry palm. 1-2 squeezes or pumps is more than enough. Apply product to dry or slightly damp face, it doesn’t matter all *that* much. Rubbing the product between your hands before applying to face isn’t necessary, but it can help apply the product faster. Use a circular motion to apply over your face and neck, but be gentle around your eyes. Rinse 2-3 times with lukewarm water, using the water and continuing the circular motion to lather and spread the product. All face wash should be rinsed off your skin by the third or fourth splash. Turn off the water and lightly tap your face with a dry, clean towel.

Quick hits and extra bits: Wash your face twice a day. Just splashing your face with water doesn’t count. Use lukewarm water. pH matters. Chemical and mechanical forces are in play. Don’t rub too hard. Don’t use too much. Don’t use too little. Follow with moisturizer.