This is what happens when you wash your face

This is what happens when you wash your face with a gentle cleanser:

  1. A splash of water and a gentle rub will remove any surface oils, environmental pollutants, excess sebum, and dead skin by mechanical force.

  2. When cleanser is added and rubbed around the face, any oils or hydrophobic chemicals in the cleanser mix with remaining oils on the skin’s surface.

  3. The first quick rinse clears more dirt and oil via mechanical force, including some larger oil assemblies made from a combination of surface oils and cleanser oils.

  4. With more rinsing and rubbing the cleaner’s surfactants are exposed to oil assemblies, forming micelles around all remaining surface oils.

  5. A final water rinse removes surfactant micelles, with surface and cleanser oils trapped inside.

  6. Clean (but vulnerable) skin! psst follow with a toner and moisturizer