What is face wash?

Face wash is a solution of bubbles. Actually, it’s a solution of pre-bubbles: a mixture of surfactants that will work alone or in tandem to pick up oils and dirt from your skin’s surface. That’s it.

Okay, there’s a little bit more to it than that. By Beaker’s standards a good face wash is a diversified or mitigated mix of surfactants in an aqueous base, stable at a pH of 4.5 - 5.5. The solution is ideally capable of chemically promoting desquamation and physically removing surface oils and dirt, but does not strip healthy sebum. Like I said, don’t really worry about it. Leave the fun science to us.

But for you cool nerds out there, check out our Know List for a closer look at what’s doing what in face wash formulas. And stayed tuned. More Beaker pro-tips and explainers are in the works!