The Seductive Art of Shopping at Sephora

Or, How not to Look Totally Helpless

When in doubt: #fakeittillyamakeit

But if you’re not sure how best to fake it (most girls do), here are some pro tips:

Wear Headphones.
This move bestows on you an air of Master of Creams, Queen of Concealers while giving you a cover to sneakily google what is is you strutted into the store pretending to know. You are most definitely just queuing up Kanye and are certainly not looking up the difference between BB and CC creams.

(hint hint, chemically-speaking BB creams are mostly the same as CC creams are the same as liquid foundations are the same as concealers are the same as tinted moisturizers. Sephora can only help you pick out packaging, not product).

This isn’t a Museum. Touch Everything!
Or at least all the eyeshadows and blushes. Swatch ‘em on your forearm, and look at ‘em quizzically while rotating your arm a few degrees back and forth. You’ve likely already decided if you like the color before you’ve tried it on, but this makes it look like you’re considering the shade in all light. Which is silly. Because there are no eye-level windows in Sephora. But we’re just pretending here so it’s ok.

Walk with Intention between the Aisles.
You know when you laugh a lil too hard and your tampon slips and you have to majestically waddle to the bathroom? Yeah, that kind of focused walking.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t know where to go next or what you want to look at. Just strut a few paces in a direction, stop purposefully in front of any display, and promptly play with whatever is in front of you. This accomplishes the same aimless grazing as everyone else in the store, but you look like such a confident boss doing it.

Only Buy Three Things at a Time.
Admit it. We all peep at the choices of the people around us in line (and maybe silently judge them by it). Limiting your purchase to three items makes it look like 1) you have self control; 2) you have discerning taste; and 3) you value quality over quantity. Plus now you have money leftover to take yourself out to dinner. Or you could splurge. #selflove through shopping and all the jazz. I’ve done it. No shame.

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