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There’s real, beautiful science behind trends. Beaker is enabling automatic product discussion and development for brands severing curious and concerned consumers. We turn insights into products, fast.


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Beaker is bringing trust, transparency, and scientific rigor to the consumer chemicals industry. Our services mediate marketing needs with chemical realities to create better products for people & planet.

Ta-da! Your brilliant marketers are now chemists.

Automatic Innovation

Match your cutting-edge campaigns with starting point formulas before going to a manufacturer.

Credible Transparency

Provide the transparency your consumers demand by introducing scientific rigor to your content without the research team.

Style & Substantive Science

Your consumers like your packaging, but does their skin like your product? Get actionable insights on why exactly your product is loved and how to optimize product market fit.


Your customers deserve better products.
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Beaker offers a range of services to help bring your brand into the transparency age.

Chemical Audit: Get started with an ingredient list audit, from $599 per product
Product Discussion: Ingredient glossaries from $1675 per product
Product Development: Custom product development from $2995

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Are you a startup with awesome products but limited funds? We offer a discounted rate and prioritized timeline to qualifying brands. Contact for more.

Products designed for brands built to scale

Perfect your product market fit

Claim the revenue your customers are misspending on sub-par products. Chemicals curated for your customers decreases wasteful trial & error and increases brand loyalty, decreasing your CAC and increasing your LTV.

Curated chemicals for your target consumer

Consumers are demanding personalized products, but why aren’t brands? Your customers deserve more than a slightly tweaked formula. Take the scary out of formulating from scratch by leaving the chemical details to Beaker.

Who we are

Beaker’s Founder Lizzy Trelstad is a Columbia-educated innovation chemist with industry experience in personal care, cosmetic, and fragrance formulation. LT is a millennial-on-a-mission to match people with products. She’s also a product geek obsessed with the science of bubbles. Say hi!