Dear Brands with Cool Products,

The Ingredient List Shouldn’t be an Asterisk to your Awesomeness.

We offer data-driven approach to product analysis and review. As science & product gurus (ok, geeks), we are the premier CPG consultancy bridging the gap between creative narratives and consumer chemistry. We’ve seen all parts of the product cycle, from inception to formulation, to consumer feedback and subsequent reformulation. We reject the idea that science should be sacrificed for style, or vice versa. More than anything, we value trust and transparency.

Want help taking the scary out of your products’ science? We offer audits that identify:

  • potential product liabilities

  • data-driven insights on unique product features

  • high-conversion tactics & novel consumer touch points

  • competitor analysis

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Are you a startup with limited funds but awesome products? We offer a discounted rate and prioritized timeline to qualifying brands. Contact us for more.