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Chemicals in plain English.
Wait. What?!

We look at the ingredient lists of your favorite personal care, beauty, and home care products, dissect and digest all the scary science, and tell you exactly what the product does, and if it’s good for you.

No more fretting over safety concerns. No more insecurity over unpronounceable chemical names. No more wasting money on a product just to see if it works. Our unique approach cuts through opaque claims and scary science to deliver transparency, truth, and trust to your favorite products.

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What are Product Profiles?

We publish our summarized research in product profiles, granting ratings based on the difference between what a product actually is, and what the label tells you it is. The lower the Beaker score, the higher the discrepancy between what you think you’re buying, and what you’re actually buying.

Think Zagat for skincare, or Yelp for your home cleaning supplies, or Uber for your hair care. (Ok, not exactly, but you get the idea.) Get smarted today!

But how do you do it?

We research the ingredients of your favorite products and run a sophisticated audit on its claims and marketing ploys. What ingredients does the product actually contain? Are there any ingredients of concern? Is the product FDA compliant? Is the product worth buying? That kinda thing.

Once we know what a product really has to offer you, we bring the data and chemistry back into real life. In our analysis, we don’t ignore marketing, we just put it in context.

(Want to know more about our methodology and secret sauce, please feel free to reach out to us here.)

How can I use Beaker’s ratings?

To make better purchases, faster. We believe being choosy shouldn’t be such a time and energy suck. So we’ve simplified choice for you. Interested in a product, but uncertain if it’s the right one for you? Take a quick peek at Beaker’s profile to see if the product’s ratings meet your standards.

This all sounds great, but how can I trust Beaker?

Beaker’s Founder Lizzy Trelstad is a Columbia-educated chemist with industry experience in personal care, cosmetic, and fragrance formulation. In true scientist form, she designed all of Beaker’s ratings to be unbiased and supportable.

It is ultimately Beaker’s goal to bring scientific rigor to the creative narrative of consumer goods, so that you, the savvy consumer, can feel secure and safe in your product decisions. LT is hard at work using science to help save you time, money, headache, and waste.

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